We here in Washington produces some amazing wine! California thinks it has the choke hold on quality wines, but we know better. So when the US Navy was set to christen the USS Washington (a submarine named for our beloved state and Medal of Honor recipients from our state), why did they use a California bubbly? The bottom line: the California wine they used has a bottle that breaks easier! That's right, not only are California wines not as fantastic as Washington wines, their bottles aren't as fantastic either!

Ok, that's not entirely true. The cheap Cali bubbly (whose name they won't reveal) was chosen for its easy-to-break bottle and visual effect when the bottle was broken. The choice wasn't meant to snub Washington wines at all. Apparently the shipbuilder found the perfect sparking wine a few years back, and just went with it. So what we can take away from this is that California bubbly is for smashing on watercraft, and Washington wines are for drinking! Cheers!


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