Benton County officials say the man being held in connection with the death of a Pasco woman who was found dead in a West Richland apartment is due in court Monday.

24-year-old William C. Lee was arrested Sunday by authorities. West Richland police, Benton County Sheriff's were called to the Fairway Manor Apartments near 39th and Fallon Drive around 1:30 am Sunday morning. The SWAT team was called out and were able to negotiate Lee's surrender. Authorities didn't say who called 911, or specifically why Lee needed to 'surrender.'

He's in jail on an investigative hold, could be facing 2nd Degree Assault and Murder. Police said the victim, 53-year-old Alisa J. Brewer of Pasco, died from 'homicidal assault.' The relationship between her and the suspect is being investigated as well.

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday December 11 to determine the cause of death.

Brewer pictured below (courtesy of

Brewer ( profile)
Brewer ( profile)

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