The search continues for a 14-year-old male suspect in Kennewick.

Suspect accused of firing a weapon during an assault

Kennewick Police responded to what they said was a residence in the area of 4815 West Clearwater in Kennewick, around 4 PM Wednesday afternoon.

They'd been told there was an assault that took place, later determined to be 1st. Degree. When they arrived Police learned during the incident the suspect allegedly pointed a firearm at the victim, then fired at least one round into the ground.

The teen then fled to a nearby residence. The home was quickly surrounded with assistance from the Tri-City SWAT Team, however after it was secured and searched, the teen was not there.

Kennewick Police began to search the residence for more evidence linked to the crime, as the Criminal Investigation Team began to examine the area.

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No information about the victim was released, and the investigation continues. Anyone with any leads or information is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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