Now that the WA State Supreme Court has ruled legislators are not "fully funding" education, what happens next?

Let's keep it simple:  In 2010 a King Co. Superior Court Judge ruled the WA Legislature was violating the State Constitution by not fully paying for basic education.   In other words,  cuts being made to public school districts violated the state charter.   The Justices in their statement outlined the ways the Legislature has "failed to meet it's obligations" by talking of reform, but cutting funding at the same time.    While saying it would keep an eye on the Legislature, the Court failed to say how they could force lawmakers to meet their financial obligations.  State Superintendant Randy Dorn said further cuts are out of the question.   Here's the elephant in the room.   Legislators, when they reconvene next week, must figure out HOW to cut the budget to alleviate over a BILLION dollars in defecits.    But where?  social services? education?  public works? employees?  This Supreme Court ruling is largely toothless, and is more political grandstanding that will not result in any significant changes, or persuade legislators to slash bloated social programs in favor of education.