Sketch Courtesy Port of Kennewick

Six years after Vista Field closed, construction on infrastructure to makeover 103 acres in the middle of Kennewick is getting underway and when it comes to this once in a lifetime chance for a serious do-over, one must have a detailed plan.

Chuck E. Cheese's new digs are just the beginning.

Courtesy of CNBC

The bids are in for the construction of the beginning phase of the Vista Field massive makeover contract, transforming the former regional airport into an arts-oriented village, and the gig goes to Total Site Services LLC based in Richland.

Richland-based Total Site Services LLC submitted the winning bid of $4.9 million for the four-part project.

They will construct the major road network, including sidewalks, alleys and utilities, as well as road extensions and an 850-foot canal-type water feature

Sketch Courtesy of Port of Kennewick

Once the infrastructure work is in place, property for development by private partners will open as early as next year.

So now is your chance. With the slate wide open, what would YOU like to see as part of the new makeover spread?

Already in the works is the Arts Center Task Force whose vision for an 800 seat theater project would be built and would anchor the development around it, both commercial and residential.

Sketch Courtesy of Port of Kennewick

Upon completion, the commercial part of the plan will lay out an Italian looking village with a plaza full of fountains where cars, bicycles and pedestrians can all co-exist in peace.

Residential construction will erect 600 single-family homes along with 160 condos and 440 apartment units.

More than $460 million of private investment in new construction is expected.