There's been a lot of headlines lately about Critical Race Theory, and you may have heard about a "list" of teachers nationwide who are pledging to teach it as real history.

The momentum behind much of this is called the Zinn Project.

The man behind this is Howard Zinn. He died in 2010, but for decades was a socialist thinker, reported historian, and a supporter of what's sometimes referred to as "people's history."

His work has been criticized by other historians such as Chris Beneke and Randall J. Stephens for omitting important historical events and presenting an 'alternative' to verified American history that focuses on certain elements and ethnic backgrounds.

The work is presented as an alternative to what is recognized as verified U.S. history, and although some of the data or information in the Zinn curriculum is accurate (when it comes to actual events) the issue becomes how it is used.

Growing numbers of critics say his materials, IF presented along with other verified events can provide a more knowledgeable view of history.

But that is not what it is being used for. There is already mounting evidence that many of these educators prefer to use these methods in place of or to replace 'traditional' historical accounts.

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CRT is closely tied to the beliefs that our nation was founded on racist, bigoted, homophobic, and other negative principles. Social justice lessons are included in the plans, which is where the narrative is pushed that America is a racist, bigoted, homophobic, and repressive country. It pushes that certain ethinic groups were, and continue to be, exploited for the gain of others.

It pushes not equal opportunity, but that people should have equal outcomes.

To see some of the teachers and their comments, click on the button below.


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