The buzz started with a few recent posts on the Facebook page, 'You Know You're from Tri-Cities When..",  people asking what happened to this popular pizza restaurant on Clearwater in Kennewick.

So we did a little sleuthing. The last entry on their Facebook page was from June, 2016, but that doesn't always mean anything.

We did a little Google searching, but the only 'new' information we could find was a mention that the business is 'permanently closed.'  The signage is still there on the building, but there are handmade signs in the windows now saying that coming soon is a Seoul food establishment, and help is wanted.  Some contact information was on the signs.

Several vehicle have been spotted outside, including a U-Haul truck, but not sure if it's related.  Some Facebook comments indicated before they shut the doors, one customer said the workers said something about not having a liquor license, and the person noticed they had very few take out boxes. According to some consumers, the store had closed temporarily in the past, so people were not sure about the status of this one.

The regional restaurant has a location in Pendleton, which is slated to move, if not already, to a new location, according to the East Oregonian.

However, other than the Google entry we found, there's been no information released about the Kennewick store apparently shutting it's doors and being replaced. We will keep an eye on the location, and see what happens.

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