Gov. Inslee is set to embark on am ambitious environmental program which he believes will create a green economy and help erase a billion dollar plus deficit.

With that in mind,  it's time for an update on those hundreds of millions in stimulus dollars the Obama Administration poured into dozens of green energy companies.   This was done with glamorous projections of thousands of new long-term jobs that would be created.

As of 2014,  it had been five years since the green energy stimulus began, and according to The Washington Times, and Americans for Prosperity,   it has cost Americans at least  $2.1 billion dollars.   Solyndra, the ill-fated solar panel company, and the Fisker electric car company accounted for over $1.1 billion of that alone.

The remains of Fisker are now in the hands of two Chinese investment groups,  who picked up the company and it's government loans through bankruptcy. Amazingly, they still stand to make about $90 million from the U.S. Government loan!

Here's a list of stimulus green companies and their 2012 progress.  The most current data is still being assembled, and several of the companies in distress have since gone under as well. (graph courtesy of Mickey Wegner - Facebook)

Gov. Inslee might well heed what's happened nationally before he begins to dump millions into a questionable environmental industry.

Bankrupt energy companies (Mickey Wegner - Facebook)