It happens to everyone, anywhere there's road construction, congestion, or an accident.

You're tooling along, and come across a section of road where one lane is blocked, or three lanes merge into two, etc.

It happened to me getting onto the Blue Bridge southbound from the Lewis Street onramp the other day.  A line of cars, and several yahoos drove past us, then slowed and expected us to let them in.  I like to call them "Lane Cutters," at least that's the title we can safely publish in public. Other names are reserved for them in private.

Most of the time, I try to preserve karma by doing the right thing. But when it comes to lane-cutters, I don't.  In this instance, last week, the Blue Bridge was congested because a lot of Cable Bridge drivers were avoiding the repaving project.

The cars pictured in our story were not let in, at least not until I had passed. Do you let Lane Cutters in? Or do you get up on the bumper of the car in front of you and shut them out?


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