According to a recent survey published in, drivers between the ages of 20-29 suffer the most fatal crashes in the U.S. when behind the wheel. That's not a huge surprise, but it's far higher than drivers aged 16-20.

The survey, compiled from crash data  via the Centers for Disease Control and other sources, says an estimated 12,000 plus drivers in that age catagory were involved in some sort of fatal collision. But some of the other leading age groups were a little surprising.  Of the 48,000 plus people who died in 2015 (the most current data listed by the group) drivers 30-39 were the second highest catagory.

  And, drivers 50-59 had a higher rate of fatal crashes than those aged 60-69. So much for making fun of grandma and grandpa drivers. However, some experts say that's because those over the age of 60 drive less than others, so their rates would be lower.

Between the ages of 20 and 60, the "safest" group with the lowest fatal crash rate were drivers between 40-49. The purpose of the article was to point out that despite the highest levels of technology and safety features found in today's vehicles, car crash rates are still considered high.

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