It's been a long, and sometimes difficult path, but in the last 25 years, the crime rate in this city has plummeted.

According to information released by the city of Pasco, FBI Crime data shows the city's crime rate fell 21% over four years ago, and a total of 84% since 1990.

The data registers crimes-per-every-1,000 people.  The data showed 23.4 victims per 1,000, which is that 21% drop over 2011.

Pasco's chance of becoming a crime victim, according to, is 1 in 391, the state average is 1 in 351, in terms of violent crime. In non-violent crime, Pasco ranks better than virtually all the state averages. The website uses FBI and other data as well.

But the long-term drop in crime rates remains one of the best in the nation.

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