We saw the relative success the NHL had in August onward when they resumed their season. In fact, they had some of the most-watched sporting events this COVID season.

Now the WHL announced late Wednesday they have decided to resume play January 8, 2021.  This includes the TC Americans.

Here are a few of the important points:

  • Teams will (for now) only play their divisional opponents. No international travel, so the Americans will only play vs. Seattle, Spokane, Everett, Portland.
  • Players will report to their respective WHL clubs following the Christmas break.
  • The league has hired and sought the counsel of some the leading medical and other experts to help put together safety protocols for players, coaches and staff.
  • (AND THIS IS A BIG ONE)  It will be up to the individual teams' cities/counties/provinces whether there will be fans present. The WHL said they will defer to local medical officials for fan participation.

Although we're in Phase 2,  it is entirely likely the games will be played out in front of an empty Toyota Center; then again, there could be socially distanced fans. We just don't know yet.  But we do know, the Americans are coming back, and we at Newstalk870 are pretty excited!

To see the official WHL release via the Americans click on the button below.

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