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This week, the group Unbound Tri Cities revealed a list of so called "demands" they wish to see happen concerning Police in our area. Their list includes:

1. Transparency
2. Accountability
3. Defunding and reallocation
4. Local restorative justice
5. Reform on use of force

However, these appear to be ambiguous terms. A thorough examination of their Facebook page shows they provide no specific details about how any of these would be accomplished. As for Transparency, body cameras are already in use (Pasco) for one.

What does local restorative justice mean? They offer no explanation.  Reform on use of force? That's already been an ongoing effort made by law enforcement across the country.

As for defunding and reallocation, they list no information as to where it would go.

Their mission statement reads as follows-directly from their page:

"Direct action for intersectional liberation. Acting together to secure equity for all."

Their page shows they have 361 followers.

They did issue a list of demands in a statement however, and some of their "demands" are rather intrusive. Rather than using body cams or other current technology, they want to see "geolocational trackers" on their cars that would increase surveillance opportunities of the state and government.

They are encouraging people to basically snitch on police activity, and demand the police do not interfere with citizens filming or watching a police incident or activity.

They want to create a committee that would centralize first responders, social service providers and other "community" members who would monitor police activity.

However, this statement is not found on their Facebook page. It was only publicly read.  The group appears to be rather new, you can only scroll back to about June 19. They also displayed some  artwork on their site as well. See below.

unbound picture (Unbound Facebook)
unbound picture (Unbound Facebook)


You can read the rest of their demands by clicking on the link below.

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