You may recall five days ago or so, we reported on that 'national' list of some 5,000 teachers and educators who publicly 'signed' (and some commented) on a list pledging they supported Critical Race Theory Education despite efforts being made in numerous states to suppress it.

Critical Race Theory, in a nutshell, teaches the U.S. was founded on principles and policies that were bigoted, racist, homophobic, and otherwise discriminatory. It teaches not equal opportunity but that people should have equal outcomes...a big difference. There are other tenants in its teaching, but those are some of the big ones.

By way of the Freedom Foundation, who did a lot of uncovering of what's called the Zinn Education Project, there was this national list via DocDroid where several thousand educators pledged to teach or support CRT despite legislative efforts to suppress it in at least 15 states.

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We updated our story less than 36 hours ago when we found 2 names on that list that said they were from "Richland WA."  We were working to determine what positions these persons held within the District.

We received significant interest from readers and listeners who began to study the list to see who was on it, then today, Wednesday, July 14, the list has apparently been deleted.

We checked the links in our story, and they come up with "404 This Document has been Deleted!"

Doc Droid screen shot of CRT page deleted
Doc Droid screen shot of CRT page deleted

We have reached out to the Freedom Foundation to see if they have learned any information about how or why this list, and its accompanying information, has disappeared. We hope to provide some news when it's available.


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