Details have now been released by Pasco Police about an early Monday morning incident involving a pair of Ford Explorer SUV's.

Officers responded to a report of two vehicles hitting each other, then shots fired near 22nd and Agate Streets around 1:30 AM.

 What Led To them Playing Bumper Tag?

Upon arrival, they found this blue Ford Explorer, and the black one behind it. The driver of the blue rig told police the incident began in Kennewick when occupants of the black SUV were "looking at" his vehicle.

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Apparently, the black one followed the blue one into Pasco, where near the shooting scene the black SUV played bumper tag with the blue one. At that point the 'victim' driver stopped and fled his vehicle as someone in the black Ford fired shots at him.

The victim was not hit, but his rear window was shattered. Police found at least one shell casing at the scene. The occupants of the black Ford fled the scene, they were picked up by someone in a car, abandoning the Explorer in the streeet.

Dave Allen
Dave Allen

The victim driver was bloody, believed initially to have sustained stab wounds, but was actually cut by flying glass from the SUV.

Police believe this was not a road rage incident, but that the victim driver was targeted by the other occupants in the black vehicle. They say at this time no apparent public threat. The search for the driver of the black SUV is still missing, police said the 'owner' of that Ford has been contacted. They didn't say if the owner and driver were the same person.  Hmmm...the investigation continues.


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