Apparently, according to hints from the Kennewick Police Department, this person thought the stairs were garbage.

The mystery of the missing stairs has been solved. Back on June 12th, KPD and Ridgeview Elementary School reported this set of metal stairs next to the school's dumpster had been taken.

Security video cameras captured these images of the suspects. Now, it appears it was a great big embarrassing mistake. The 'suspect' was seen loading them in his truck.

Police thought the suspect was at the school for an athletic event, perhaps a practice at their fields, located just south of 10th and east of Young Streets.

However, thanks to tips and information, the stairs have now been returned. Source close to the Kennewick School District confirms they have been returned.

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Anyone who's spent any time at a Kennewick (or any other school for that matter) knows most of them have various-sized moveable metal stairs by their dumpsters. It allows workers to more easily dump garbage into the containers without spilling or having to heft it up over the side and risk losing the can inside the unit. Climb up the stairs, toss, and go.

Apparently, this person thought the stairs themselves were garbage. Whoops!

So, it brings to mind this question...if they did want to dispose of the stairs, they wouldn't put them in the dumpster? OF course not.  We're just rambling.

No word from KPD if any charges, we're guessing probably not.


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