With the divorce rate today the highest it's ever been in America, the importance of the  stepfather in children's lives -- regardless of the age of the child(ren) -- should never be unrecognized nor underestimated.

YouTube - Budweiser

This 4-minute video from Budweiser touches on how three adult children and their stepdads have been affected by the challenges and struggles they've all been through in their lives. Maybe have a hanky handy around the 2:14 mark. Just sayin'.

YouTube - Budweiser

If the video below gives you pause to reflect, we would appreciate if you would share in the comments section what your stepdad has meant to you in your life.

If you follow the YouTube link and share your story, Budweiser will donate a dollar for your story and every other shared story, to the Stepfamily Foundation to support blended families.

And Happy Fathers Day to ALL Dads.