You may have noticed an unusually large number of wasps in our area this time of year. Not only are there more of them, but they are much more likely to sting now as well.

There are two main kinds of wasps in our area, yellow jackets and paper wasps. Both are extremely agitated this time of year because of the natural conditions and more likely to sting. Wasps need water to cool their hives and finding it this time of year is challenging for them.

They tend to be more protective of areas, especially near nests or where they might be looking for water.

The hot weather has also created a spike in the wasp population, making the problem even worse.

"Now their populations are back to normal and people aren’t used to it," says an entomologist from Washington State University.

If you are having a problem with wasps with your outdoor activities, try covering food, picking up fallen fruit on property, and placing wasp traps at the outside corners where people get together.

Remember that wasps might be a pain to you personally, but they are good for the environment. They eat insects that harm vegetable gardens and field crops like aphids, caterpillars, and flies.


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