Pasco police got a big bargain when they nabbed this guy Thursday afternoon. It all began near Shoshone and 19th. Ave with an innocent traffic stop.

An officer tried to pull this 2001 Toyota over due to defective equipment but the driver sped away, leading a chase that finally terminated in the Pasco Youth Baseball Complex down by the river on A street. During the chase, the driver did hit another car near the Crazy Moose Casino, and the vehicle was seen hopping on three wheels, and bouncing.

The driver, identified as 26-year-old Juan Colin of Kennewick, is then seen in the picture trying to run away. Pasco police commented he was not really 'built' for speed, and after other officers rolled up, he was caught within 90 seconds of leaving the car.

Not only was he cited for the chase and infractions, turns out he had warrants out of Oregon for failing to register as a SEX OFFENDER. He allegedly lives in Tri-Cities, and police say his 'registration' status is being checked. Hmmm...


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