It will be interesting to see what happens with this one.

On the Facebook page Re-Open Tri-Cities (which is a private page, you must ask to join) there is a post encouraging students to "Ditch the Mask" for the final day of school.

Ditch the Mask Day (Facebook)
Ditch the Mask Day (Facebook)

For most, their final day is next week. For example, Kennewick Schools are done with a half-day Wednesday.

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Some area Districts, including Columbia Burbank, are already out for summer.

The post includes this tag line:

"Our kids need to be able to ditch the masks. This can't be just a few kids to get the point across. It needs to be as many as possible! This last year has taught us that you can get away with anything you want if it's called a protest."

Some of the comments ranged from parents saying their child fears reprisals such as detention or being suspended (which could affect sports next year) to open-faced defiance and encouragement to leave the mask at home.

Others commented their child would probably do it if they saw other students participating as well.

Come next week, we will see what happens. As of this writing on Friday, the post had been liked or loved by 69 people. No dislikes or angry emoticons.


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