Downloading the KORD mobile app is paying off for listeners! We have been having a lot of fun with our app! Not only can you stream live music on the KORD mobile app, get breaking news, read fun stories and have access to the KORD website now you can win concert tickets, Silverwood tickets and all sorts of fun prizes! Oh, and it's EASY!!

Woody and I will annouce either on air or on Facebook when to play. Usually we will ask for a photo, video or an audio submission and anyone who does this will be entered into a random drawing to win whatever is up for grabs at the time!

The latest winner was Nicole Sparhawk, she won a family four pack to Silverwood. She submitted three photos that were taken at Watershed and was randomly selected to win! As the mobile app grows more and more popular the contests will become more and more frequent! Why you ask? Why not and it's FUN!

Here is what you need to do to play. First you will need to download the KORD mobile app from your Google play store or iTunes account. Once you have done that, then locate the menu bar located in the upper left hand corner (3 horizontal lines), find the "submit photo/video" and click on that. This option will also allow you to submit an audio recording (which we often use on the radio for fun). From there you just need to follow the few easy instructions and you are entered!

Woody and I use these pictures, videos and audio submissions to brighten up our Facebook page and we love playing your audio clips on live radio for the world to hear! So much fun and so many fun prizes and concert tickets to be given away! So, what are you waiting for? Go download the app and start winning today!

Nicole S.

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