Newstalk Newsmembers, here's your chance to win a copy of the new definitive history of the Seattle Mariners, "Shipwrecked."

 Did you know the Mariners are the only American League team who's NEVER been to the World Series?  Shipwrecked, written by noted author Jon Wells (author and publisher of  the Grand Salami baseball magazine) takes a hard, factual look at the highs and lows of the Seattle franchise. 

 Wells says, "despite the heroic efforts of many great players, the Seattle Mariners have not been to the World Series because their owners relentless passion for the bottom line has repeatedly undercut chances for success on the field."

 In Shipwrecked, you will learn how the Mariners could have had such players as Jason Veritek, David Ortiz and others.   How one Mariner top level executive said their goal was not to win the World Series.  How noted rising stars Rafael Soriano and Astrubel Cabrerra came up through the Mariner's farm system, and should have been wearing the blue and teal.   This 272 page book also comes with a section of rare and historical photos from the Mariners beginnings to the present.

   ESPN's noted baseball writer Jim Caple says "Seattle baseball fans will enjoy this fun, often critical and always thorough history of the Mariner's ups and downs...Chuck Armstrong and Howard Lincoln, howeer, will not."

   Enter the raffle in your Newstalk Newsmember VIP account, and win Shipwrecked-A People's History Of The Seattle Mariners.

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