Kennewick police report a woman has been sent to Lourdes Counseling in Richland after a series of dumpster fires were reported in town.

Police say several dumpsters were set on fire in the area of Albany and Dennis Streets. They were quickly extinguished, and although some property was damaged, no one was injured.

Dumpster fires set by woman (Kennewick police)
Dumpster fires set by woman (Kennewick police)

Authorities were able to locate the suspect, who was an adult woman. She began to exhibit signs of being mentally unstable and having illnesses. She told police she was homeless, pregnant and set the fires so she would go to jail and 'get off the streets.'

Because in part she was completely cooperative with police, they arranged for her to be taken to Lourdes Counseling in Richland, and will be working Transitions in Richland to get the help she needs.

A good ending to what had been a sad story at the beginning.

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