A woman ran over her own leg when she jumped out of her moving silver Maxima after running a red-light and causing an accident in Pasco.

The driver had allegedly just ran a red light and smashed into a blue Mercury Villager minivan that was driving northbound on the corner of Wehe and Lewis. After hitting the van, the Maxima went over the curb with two people inside and then traveled almost a block before stopping.

While the car was still rolling, both people riding in the Maxima opened the doors and jumped out. The cars rear left wheel then ran over the leg of the driver as she jumped out of the still moving car.

The driver of the Maxima thought that her car was on fire and that is why they jumped out according to reports. The radiator was destroyed and the airbags deployed causing the confusion.

Airbags are known to "release a cloud of material when they deploy, and some have been reported to smell like something burned", according to reports.

Luckily, nobody was seriously injured in the crash. The driver of the silver Maxima was cited for running a red light.

Original Post:

Pasco Police
1 hr ·
SELF-CORRECTING COLLISION: Sunday morning at about 10:20 AM, officers found the two vehicles involved in a collision at Lewis/ Wehe about a block apart. The silver Nissan Maxima at Lewis/ Beech had just finished running over the person who drove it there.

Once the officers sorted it out and medics checked people out, this is what got reported:

A blue Mercury Villager minivan was being driven northbound on Wehe through a green light at Lewis. The driver of the silver Maxima was eastbound on Lewis and blew the red light at Wehe, striking the minivan heavily in the area of its LF tire, spinning the minivan 180 degrees and leaving it in the intersection, according to witnesses.

The silver Maxima, meanwhile, continued sort-of-eastbound with heavy front-end damage, occupied by two people. It went on and off the far sidewalk, rolled to a stop about a block away, and both occupants jumped out the doors of the still-rolling Maxima, according to witnesses. The driver landed on the pavement and the LR tire passed over her leg, but she was not seriously injured.

Apparently, the collision broke the Maxima’s radiator and set off the airbags. According to the driver, she thought the Maxima was on fire, and she and the passenger bailed out as soon as possible. In fairness, the airbags do release a cloud of material when they deploy, and some have been reported to smell like something burned. Plus, you have radiator steam coming out of the engine compartment.

We are pleased to report that there were no serious injuries. The driver of the Maxima will be getting an infraction for running the red light. PP18-57315 Traffic Acc.

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