This may go down as one of the most uncomfortable moments in game show history.

On Tuesday's episode of The Price is Right, a woman in a wheelchair won a treadmill. Irony, thy name is Drew Carey.

The contestant in question is named Danielle. To be fair, she took the whole matter in stride once the treadmill was revealed and seemed genuinely excited that was one of the prizes.

She played the game of 1 Right Price, winning the treadmill and a sauna. Pretty much the only way this would be uglier would be if the prizes were a treadmill and a set of skis.

The Price is Right really ought to consider getting rid of treadmills because nothing good comes from them being on the show.

Social media lit up after Danielle won, with a bewildered audience talking about the strange prize.

Meanwhile, Danielle, who's a comedian, says she plans to keep the prizes.

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