Not only is a suspect in jail for alleged attempted burglary, he's likely facing trespassing charges for entering someone else's apartment in an attempt to escape--and hiding under a pile of their clothes!

Kennewick Police say they were dispatched to the 400 block of South Rainier street just after 3:30PM Monday, on a report of a man seen trying to break into a home.

The suspect, described as a 'white bald male' by the caller, ran away towards Olympia and South 5th streets. What ensued next was a 'bounding' chase through various backyards and streets until he reached some apartment complexes.

A helpful citizen in the area flagged down officers and said they'd seen a man running then trying to break into an apartment unit. Police surrounded the unit, and were provided with a phone number of the people who lived there. Officers reached out to them because they were not home at the time, so their safety was ensured.

The family told officers nobody matching the suspect's description was a friend or family member, and Police were given permission to clear the unit.

Police then used their loudspeaker for the next ten minutes, giving commands for whomever was inside to come out with hands up. There was no response. Finally, K-9 Ivan was brought in, and after a final warning, was turned loose.

He quickly located and 'apprehended' the suspect, identified as 22 year old Jose F. Monzon. Ivan had located him hiding under a pile of clothes inside of a closet.

Monzon was cleared at a nearby hospital (no doubt from his encounter with Ivan!) and then lodged in the Benton County jail on a 72 hour hold for one count of Attempted Residential Burglary and one count of Residential Burglary.

K-9 1, suspect -0-.  The Mid Columbia K-9's continue to be undefeated.

 These are dogs that would never compete for Ivan's job.


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