It's not just about winning games, it's about raising money, and hiring Mike Leach as WSU football coach has already caused money to start pouring into WSU.

According to the WSU sports information department, over 750 new season ticket packages were sold in the wake of the announcement of Leach taking over in Pullman.  In fact, WSU made 200K  in just one DAY , Wednesday, from the sales.   WSU official also believe his presence, as a proven winner, will enable support to grow for the millions needed for renovations they want to perform on Martin Stadium in Pullman.   College football, like the NFL, isn't just about winning games, it about making the register ring, and although we will have to wait to see how success plays out on the fieldturf until next fall, Leach has already "paid off" part of the investment WSU made in him.

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