Saying numerous environmental requirements and hurdles have been cleared, Wyoming legislators are now accusing Washington state of playing politics.

Media sources in Wyoming and here report money is being set aside for them to sue Washington state over blocking construction of a coal export terminal on the WA coast. And, they say it's political--that WA legislators, environmentalists and Gov. Inslee "don't like" coal.

Wyoming has some of the largest coal reserves in the Western U.S. and they want to get it overseas, where numerous Asian nations will pay well for it. This would greatly boost the economy of that state.

But a proposed coal terminal near the mouth of the Columbia River was denied by the Washington State Department of Ecology for a variety of reasons, none of which are valid, according to Wyoming officials. They would be joining a number of other coal exporting states including Montana, Kansas, Utah, and South Dakota, who previously sued the state saying the decision violated Federal Law in denying other state's rights to economic freedom and growth.

Now, another $250K has been set aside by Wyoming legislators, who plan to by-pass their own Attorney General and sue Washington state again.

These officials, like those in other states, accuse Washington authorities of political denial, because they are environmentalists and "don't like" coal.

The coal terminal would have provided hundreds of jobs and a significant economic boost to several economically depressed coastal counties in WA state.


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