At six public hearings to be held in June and July from Pennsylvania to Seattle, the Bureau of Land Management wants your input on their Coal Program. Now, if you can't attend, here's information on making your voice heard. While we in the West don't rely on it (Washington state's only coal-fired plant has already closed), coal trains and storage depots for export are a big topic in Washington state.

From Casper, Wyoming, to Salt Lake City, to Seattle and Pennsylvania, the BLM is seeking public input on the future of coal, how it will be managed, transported and more.

A number of coal storage depots and facilities are being looked at, especially in economically struggling coastal counties in Washington state. Coal trains are also a topic of discussion, transporting the fuel to already existing storage depots on the coast for export, especially to China and Far East.

The closest public hearing will be held in Seattle, June 21st. in the Downtown Sheraton Hotel, doors open 8am to register for public speaking, meeting from 10am to 4pm.

However, public comments can be submitted by the following email and regular mail methods:


Mail: Coal Programmatic EIS Scoping
Bureau of Land Management
20 M St. SE, Room 2134 LM
Washington, D.C. 20003

Deadline for submissions is July 28th.  Citizens are encouraged to voice their opinion on their views about coal as a 'staple' fuel for the future, for or against coal mining and transportation, and any other input about the coal industry as a whole.

It's expected the environmental movement will be in full force attending the public hearings. Input and policies gathered will be used to help shape coal policies in the future.


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