According to news sources, outside voice continue to hound Oregon and PGE officials over the proposal to build two natural gas plants in Boardman, OR. They were slated to replace the coal fired plant when it goes offline in the near future.

Never mind that environmentalists pressured PGE into suspending their quest for the gas plants. Protestors and speakers continue to hound the small Oregon town.

According to the East Oregonian, the Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) held a hearing in Portland Monday, and several hundred special interest people showed up. Many of them, claiming to represent environmental groups, spoke against the idea, even though the permit process has stopped.

The controversial group Columbia Riverkeeper asked Oregon officials to investigate alleged safety issues at a generating plant at Carty, OR.  Despite PGE stating all the construction materials met Oregon standards for safety and official regulations, the environmental group claims PGE didn't obtain quality control records for the piping prior to an inspection.

These groups are urging the PUC to halt or prevent further natural gas powered turbine plants in Oregon. It is not yet definitively known what effect the shutdown of the Oregon Boardman coal plant will have on rates, especially with the two natural gas plants in limbo.


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