According to some in depth digging by Portland TV station KGW, 70% of the 112 Portland 'protestors' against Donald Trump's election did not register to vote, did not vote in the election, and most were from out of state.

The report says the 70% did not register to vote in Oregon, and residency is a requirement to vote in Oregon, according to the Secretary of State website!

So, this lends complete credibility to the reports that the rioters were bused in from other areas, many of them reportedly answering online or Craiglist ads from activist groups who received funding to pay professional protesters to disrupt the city streets.

Questions are now being raised with growing investigations showing people such as George Soros and other financiers supplying the money to hire these protesters for riots throughout the country. Pictures from Seattle media have shown rows of buses lined up blocks away from protest sites, they were used to bring in the agitators.

KGW's report says 39 of the 112 arrested were registered to vote in Oregon, but DID NOT return a ballot before the November 8 deadline. These figures are only from those actually arrested, does not include the hundreds others who participated, and likely fell within similar criteria.


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