Who Voted More? Benton or Franklin County? Results
Some are saying this was pretty good for a mid-term election but when you think about it, C is not really the greatest grade.
According to the most updated information posted on both the Benton and Franklin County auditors-election sites, just over 45 percent of Benton county and just over 49 percent…
Who Supported, Rejected The Link The Most in Kennewick?
Although the final tally is not done, it appears The Link project is not going to pass.The latest update from Benton County (Wednesday afternoon) it still trailed by about a 14 percent margin.
But we were curious as to which parts of town supported it the most or the least?
Voter Fraud Coming Out of Wapato?
County election officials are investigating ballots from the Wapato area because of what appear to be 'glaring' discrepancies between the signatures on the voter registration cards, and the ones on the ballots.
How Can You Influence Politics?
Many people complain about the Government, their policies, taxes, etc. But everyone knows that you can't influence these things without voting, and you can't vote without registering. Whether it be for new school board members, projects such as The Link, or even any possible proposals in t…

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