Finley Superintendent Lance Hahn with new ballot box (Finley School District-with permission)
Finley Superintendent Lance Hahn with new ballot box (Finley School District-with permission)

It may not have been known to many, but before this new ballot box was installed, Finley residents had to drive some distance to drop off ballots

 A new ballot drop box goes in by middle school

Over the weekend, the news was put out about the new Benton County ballot drop box in Finley that has been installed in front of Finley Middle School. It was 'officially' opened Friday, January 20th.

According to Finley School District officials, previously, area voters had to drive about ten miles into downtown Kennewick to drop off ballots.

The new drop box is located in front of the middle school at 37208 S Finley Road, just off the highway through town.

According to Finley Schools Superintendent Lance Hahn (via a release from the school district):

“Community members drive by our middle school every day, including parents and families dropping off and picking up their kids at school, Even though voters can mail their ballots, having a drive-up drop box right here makes it even easier."

Hahn and Benton County election officials believe the box will also serve as a reminder for parents and citizens who drop off or pick up students at the school, or otherwise visit the building, when they see the ballot box they will remember to get ballots turned in.

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Finley, along with Kennewick and several other districts, will be re-running their maintenance and operations levy that failed twice in 2022. Ballots will be due by February 14th.

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