Let's Go WA are the people who have been gathering signatures across the state this year, with the hopes of putting six initiatives on the ballot for November 2024.

Group accuses three others of interference.

According to The Center Square, Let's Go WA claims three groups, Fuse WA, SEIU 775 (service employees international union), and a Washington D.C.-based group called Fieldworks of attempting to hinder their signature-gathering efforts. A cease and desist letter was sent from Let's Go WA to those three groups.

The six initiatives are I-2081, a parents' rights act; I-2111 which would reinforce the state Constitution's 'ban' on a state income tax;. I-2109, which would repeal the capital gains tax; I-2124, which would allow anyone to opt out of the long-term healthcare plan (WA Cares), I-2117, which would repeal most of the Climate Commitment Act and cap and trade; and I-2113 which would restore most conditions for police pursuits.

The police pursuit, cap and trade, and parents' rights initiative have already been turned in to the Secretary of State's office, having met beyond the required signatures.

Former State AG wrote the Let's Go WA letter

Former WA State Attorney General and Gubernatorial Candidate Rob McKenna wrote the letter, accusing the three entities of  “a coordinated intimidation campaign against contractors for our client, Let’s Go Washington, and voters, to disrupt and prevent the collection of voter signatures for several initiative petitions in Washington.” (The Center Square).

The letter cites at least three locations where incidents of interference or other intimidation occurred, including Ridgefield, Camas, and Tacoma. Multiple incidents were reported to local police including harassment.

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The Office of the Secretary of State says they have no investigative or enforcement power when it comes to investigating this kind of intimidation, it has to be reported to law enforcement.

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