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In an effort to increase security and to ensure more ballots are not rejected due to signature issues, Benton County is starting a new update campaign.

  The You Signature Matters campaign was announced on Wednesday, Sept. 27

Benton County election officials said the effort is to update as many signatures as possible so they match those on ballots returned by registered voters.

The Auditor's office said citizens should check their emails for a notification from the county:

"If voters have an e-mail address that was provided at the time they registered to vote, they have been sent an e-mail explaining the importance of the ballot/voter registration signatures, along with a voter registration form to update and return to the Elections Division."

For those who did not receive an email, but want to update their voter signature registration, they can access a voter registration form.

Once it is completed, it can be returned to the Auditor's office-Elections Division by email, or can be mailed to the following address:

 Benton County Voting Center, 2618 N. Columbia Ctr. Blvd., Richland, WA 99352

Over the last few years, there have been increasing numbers of election ballots that were challenged due to the signature not matching the registration or the voter card.

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Often this happens because, over time, a person's signature can develop small changes or 'quirks' that make it appear different to election officials. It also allows the county to have more updated and accurate voter registration rolls.  And, it is hoped this drive will encourage more citizens who have not voted to register and cast their ballots.

For more information, voters can also call (509)-736-3085.

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