Field Yost, an Insider Reporter for ESPN, and others, are saying the suspension of operations by Vince McMahan's fledging XFL Football league is permanent.

Friday, news came out the league has suspended operations, and has laid off all workers, according to Yost and others.

This news has been met with a lot of disappointment across the country, as the XFL was well received and did well in ratings. Despite being full of mostly former NFL players, and collegiate 'rejects' who were cut from the NFL, the league was growing in popularity. The league did feature a number of 'current' NFL prospects, or players who were less than 1-2 years removed from the league. And, many of the former NFL players in the XFL weren't just journeymen, but players who had some good seasons.

With it's tweaks to NFL rules, most notably the kickoff, and live mics on players and coaches, people tuned in to watch. It was viewed as fun, free wheeling, and less 'stiff' than the senior league (NFL).

But with the COVID-19 crisis stomping out the rest of the season, the league apparently cannot sustain.

Initially officials had hoped to return in 2021, according to Fox News and others.

HOWEVER, according to ESPN and it's sources, the league has "no plans" to return in 2021.  That's a bummer, especially since we (and many) found the league to be fun and refreshing.

To see the ESPN story, click on the button below.

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