Pasco police were aided by Mother Nature in capturing a prowler, who may also be linked to some car prowls as well.

Very late Monday night into Tuesday morning, police responded to an alarm in the 1400 block of West Clark. Upon arrival they found a set of boot prints in the undisturbed snow, and were able to get some very clean photos (They're almost as good as plaster casts).

Officers found a rear door in the building open, and a cooler in the nearby alley. Then the tracks led to some nearby cars, which appeared to have been broken into. Police then followed the tracks to a nearby restaurant in the 1500 block of West Lewis and they found yet another door pried open.

As they were surveying the area, the suspect showed up! 37-year-old Adan Uribe Chapa of Pasco was arrested after photographs clearly matched his boots with the tracks.  He had apparently been stealing some items, setting them aside, and then had circled back to retrieve his loot.

Police are in the process of contacting the car owners to find if they had anything missing Tuesday morning. Chapa is in the Franklin County Jail on multiple Charges.


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