The suspect we reported on earlier this week who had the longest rap sheet we've seen in a LONG time is in jail, and here's the recent spree that got him arrested.

It all began in and around Milton Freewater around 2:05am November 15th, Thursday morning. Umatilla County Sheriff's responded to Ruby Lane, then Didon Lane then finally Crockett Road for reports of shots being fired.

When they arrived at Crockett Road, they found the homeowner in an outbuilding, having apparently confronted the suspect, Ricardo Lara Guttierez who is from Pendleton.  As the deputies approached, the homeowner slammed Guttierez to the ground after which he claimed he had a gun and would shoot the homeowner.

However, officers shot the suspect with a Taser, and he was quickly subdued. He had a pistol on him and was also a rifle. After following up with the other previous reports, Sheriff's learned Guttierez had shot holes in a car, broken a car window, entered a home and demanded keys to a car (the homeowner refused).

Sheriff's say Guttierez was spooked away from Ruby Lane because the homeowner there fired shots into the air to scare off the would be intruder. His bail, as we reported earlier, is well over $391K.

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