Another great win for the Seahawks on Sunday, but as kicker Jason Meyers missed the extra point after the first touchdown of the game, there was a 12's groan that could be heard nationwide. Maybe you'll understand better after you know the top 10 reasons NFL kickers miss!

1. Jet lag. NFL kickers don't sleep well on private jets.

2. The sun in their eyes...hate those 10 a.m. games!

3. Sometimes they're just not thinking and use the wrong foot.

4. Strong mircro-cosmic air bursts. Google it. It could happen.

5. Bees! There were bees everywhere!

6. The opposing team made them nervous. Why do they have to run right at them like that?

7. Sexy cheerleaders. Understandable.

8. Extra points are called 'extra' for a reason. Be happy with the touchdown.

9. Some teams like the Hawks love to win by small margins. Too many points ahead is boring.

10. Laces weren't out...naturally the oldest excuse in the world!

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