It seems every time you check the news, a suspect gets apprehended because of help from surveillance footage.

Richland police would like to use yours, if you're willing. There's a new program you can join in Richland called the VCP, or Voluntary Camera Partnership. When a crime occurs, police will be able to look at their list of citizen partners who have cameras in the area of the incident, and utilize that footage to identify suspects or otherwise help solve the crime.

For example, a business owner may be asked by police to check certain days or hours on their footage to see if anything shows up on there--even if the crime occurred next door.  Or sometimes a camera captures a suspect driving away or running down the street a block away. Police all over Tri-Cities have utilized security camera footage to ID suspects...some at the scene, some were captured on camera walking or near the area.

To find out more about this voluntary program, click on the button below.

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