If you have been to the Columbia Center Mall lately, on the south side by Dicks Sporting Goods, you have seen this.  They are also seen in growing numbers in nearly every major metro area in Washington State. What are they?  We bet you, or someone you know, asks that when you pull up and park near one.

  The use of these is increasing almost weekly

A new Federal study shows Washington state ranks 7th in the nation in overall crime, especially after recent legislative decisions and the State Supreme Court and the Blake Decision. For a brief period, Blake legalized hard drug possession. The Blake Decision has been rolled back, a little, but crime in WA is escalating and is much higher than it was ten, even five years ago.

For this reason, and around the country, more businesses are using these mobile security cameras in their parking lots and other sensitive areas. They're usually solar-powered, self-contained and can be linked to a security system.

SecurityInfoWatch.com, one of the nation's leading security websites, reports the use of RDVS, or Rapidly Deployed Video Surveillance systems is a fast-growing industry.

In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the US. One of the leading companies in the field, SpotterSecurity, may have coined the 'catch phrase' for this new tech, the Lot Cop.

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Tech and security experts say these systems are already making a positive impact in providing security, and helping authorities locate suspects who commit retail and other crimes in monitored areas a lot faster.

We have seen them in Kent, Federal Way, Seattle, and other areas besides a few in the Tri-Cities. So, when you are near one of these, be advised you are likely being recorded.


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