Tri-Cities Fall Theater Season Is Classic, Crazy, and Full of Mys
Need to laugh? Need to cry? Need a little mystery? The fall season of live theater here in the Tri-Cities is PACKED with amazing productions that will give you all the feels! This season is marked by an awesome array of shows form a Shakespearean classic to a modern musical (well, sort of)...
GPS Goof Leaves Massive Load of Nuggets on Railroad Tracks
Franklin County Sheriff's had a massive "chicken" issue on their hands when a semi-truck was mis-routed by GPS and got stuck on some railroad tracks on a rather rural rough road.
Early Saturday morning, shortly after 6am, the large semi got high-centered on the railroad crossin…
Not Guilty Plea From Kadlec Shooting Threat Suspect
The man accused of threatening doctors and workers at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland a week ago has plead not guilty.
51-year-old Matthew Ganz is being held on $50,000 bail after he was arrested in Kennewick last Monday evening...
Former Pasco Resident Arrested in Arkansas on Child Rape Charges
A former Pasco resident has been apprehended in Arkansas by U.S. Marshalls, after fleeing the Mid-Columbia.
Pasco police said Monday morning 53-year-old Johnny Lee Hill had been apprehended and will be extradited to Franklin County on charges of 2nd Degree child Rape, and failure to register as a sex…
Errant Driver Loses Control, Takes Out Fence-Nearly Hits Car
A Sunday afternoon driver apparently lost control of their Dodge Charger while trying to turn off of Clearwater Ave.
Police say the red car was trying to turn off onto North Lincoln when the driver lost it. They went through the fence, damaging their car and flattening at least one tire.
Student Hit While Walking to School, Reportedly Ran Against Light
Kennewick police are still investigating an accident Monday morning a round 8:30 am, involving a ten-year-old juvenile.
Police say the boy was walking east on West 4th towards Edison and did not stop at the crosswalk. He reportedly ran out into traffic and was struck by a driver who had a green light…

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