Alleged Flasher Exposes Himself to Richland Children
Richland police say the incident occurred Wednesday.
Two juvenile age girls were playing near Stevens Drive and Wilson streets in Richland around 3:45pm, when a man called out to them from his car nearby. He then exposed his genitals as they approached, and continued to do so as they got near the car…
3AM Juvenile Beer Theft Suspects Sought by Cops
Aside from wondering what people who appear to be that young are doing 'wandering' around at 3am,  Richland police would like to make their acquaintance, too.
Police say these three entered the Circle K store on George Washington way around 3am Wednesday morning and allegedly made off …
‘Reverse’ Good Samaritan Steals i-Phone found in Bathroom
It's not the most serious crime Richland police have ever dealt with, but it says a lot about some people in today's society.
Richland police are seeking this woman, in connection with the alleged theft of an i-Phone left in the restroom at GESA Credit Union on Goethals in Richland...

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