Hit And Run Suspect Sought in Connection With Richland Crash
Not a lot of information released, but Richland Police are looking for this guy, he's a suspect in a hit-and-run crash that occurred on Gillespie Street in Richland.  He was seen driving a red pickup, but make and model not available.
No word of any injuries, but apparently significant dama…
Whoops! Suspect Leaves Needles, Drug ‘Tools’ on BFT Bus
Richland police are attempting to ID this guy and locate him, because of what he left on a Ben Franklin Transit bus the other day.
Most of the time, people leave packages, coats, phones and other such items on buses or in cabs, but in this case what was left behind will likely land him in jail...
Is Richland Ready to Take The “Lid” Off Pot Ban?
A workshop will be held soon in Richland, with the City Council possibly discussing whether to lift the ban on recreational pot within it's limits.
A group called "Legalize Richland" has been increasingly vocal about allowing pot sales in the city, and it includes a variety of …

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