VERY Dishonest Thief Sought by Authorities, Karma Police
There are those who firmly believe what goes around, comes around. In this case, this woman is headed for bad juju.
Richland police say she's accused of making off with a wallet that was left on the counter at the George Washington Way Circle K store recently...
It’s Not a Giant Speaker or Subwoofer—What IS It?!?
The Richland police department recently shared this picture via social media, saluting a couple of city workers who utilized their creativity and ingenuity to come up with a device that will be most welcome.
What is it? It's a Bomb Squad Disposal box, to be used for illegal fireworks demolition.…
[UPDATE] Second Suspect for Fred Meyer Arson Arrested
To summarize the previous post relating to the Fred Meyer Arsonist,35 year-old Daniel R. Wright was arrested for starting a fire inside the Fred Meyer in Richland and stealing several items on Friday. Meanwhile, police investigated for a man who appeared to be working with Wright...

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