If you want to attend the 2020 Olympics, and hoped that they would return to US soil, it's not going to happen.  

Because of a revenue-sharing issue with the International Olympic Committee, the USOC, or United States Olympic Committee has decided to pull the plug on any attempt to have US cities bid for the games.  Chicago, Dallas and New York were reportedly interested, but it's not going to happen. At issue is the fact that the IOC wants a bigger cut of the money generated from Olympic television rights and other media and revenue generating  sources directly related to the Olympic Games.  The USOC does not want to increase the cut for the IOC.  The last U.S. based Olympic Games were the 2002 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, and the last summer games were in Atlanta in 1996.   The US has had lengthy stretches between games on US soil, 28 years, but those were largely before the influx of massive television deals that turned the Olympic games into a financially lucrative venture.