A new poll shows most Americans blame President Obama for the sluggish economy and other financial woes.

Conducted by Pulse Opinion Research for the political website The Hill,  two-thirds of Americans blame slow economic recovery and job growth on bad Obama's policies.

Also, new government figures are showing the poverty rate in America is exploding to reach rates not seen since the 1960s.

The weak economy, coupled with the government's inability to keep up have created thousands more Americans who fall below what the Fed's consider the poverty line.

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign has, according to news reports, spent over $15 million on polling data in their frantic effort to keep a finger on the pulse of America.

The recent polls, such as the one from The Hill, are sure to cause sleepless nights for the Obama re-election campaign.  Meanwhile, in answer to the stagnant economy, sluggish job growth, and other economic woes, Obama campaign officials and White House spokespeople (as well as Obama himself) keep insisting the nation's financial woes were so bad when he took office in 2009 that he needs another four years to "fix" things.