The number of Americans who say they feel less safe than before 911 is at an all-time high.

The Fox News poll released Wednesday shows a record high 38% of Americans (nearly 4-in-10) feel less safe today than they did before the tragedy of 911.

That's a 5% jump from the last time Fox surveyed voters, up from 33% in 2011, and up 15% from 2004.    According to poll data, only 51% of Americans overall think we are safer, down from 54% in 2011.

Republicans had the biggest drop,  only 38% felt the U.S. was safer than before 911, independents also showed a drop of at least 5%.  The GOP number is down 22% from 2011.

Conversely with Democrats, the opposite was true.   Today, 64% of Democrats believe the country is safer, a rise of 14% from the 2011 poll.   As for Obama's performance on terrorism, overall 48% approve of his job, 45% do not, with the rest undecided.

The poll was conducted among 900 registered voters via telephone and has a margin of error of +3 and -3.

(Kennewick Southridge 911 memorial is pictured at it's dedication)