This airline has taken the phrase 'children should be seen and not heard' to a whole new level!

Scoot Airlines has followed the latest trend of some carriers by introducing child-free flights, where kids 12 and under are banned!  Scoot is the low-cost or budget arm of Singapore Airlines.   Kids are banned from the first 7 rows of the economy-class section.

Air Asia X airlines created quiet zones on some of it's newer aircraft in February, and Malaysia Airlines recently banned infants from the first class section of it's 747 jumbo jets and Airbus A380 aircraft after reportedly receiving complaints about crying babies.

According to the travelers advocate website

A survey by the Telegraph newspaper last month reported that unruly children remain the biggest in-flight annoyance for the majority of travelers - ahead of drunken passengers, surly cabin crew and over-talkative neighbors.  Nearly 70% would support the introduction of kid-free flights.

While it's understandable for people to be annoyed with unattended or unruly children on an airliner,  the same goes for grocery stores, movie theaters and other public venues. appears to be taking the side of children, as they pose this idea in their story:

Would you pay extra to be on a row with all thin people?  Or how about not sitting by someone reeking of cheap perfume, cigarette smoke, or alcohol?  Maybe you'd pay extra to fly on a TSA-free airline?
The website says with this trend already sweeping foreign airliner companies, and with Amtrak already having created what are called quiet cars (children free)  look for this trend to expand to U.S. carriers and domestic U.S. flights.