A new radio survey says for the first time in history, more Americans wake up to their cellphone than an alarm clock.  But, it's not necessarily music.

A recent Jacobs Media Tech Survey reveals that overall, more Americans (30%) wake up to their cellphone than a clock radio (15%) and traditional alarm clock (22%).    But are the listening or waking up to their favorite music?  Not necessarily.

The survey shows at least four out of ten (37%) of those who use the cellphone utilize their favorite ringtones, beeps, or other "alarm clock" like sounds to get them out of bed.  Others use favorite music stored on their phone or the online stream of their favorite radio station.

According to survey data, over 7 out of ten younger people under the age of 30  use their cellphone, for "older" Americans (35-plus),  the margin  is just about 50-50 between cellphone and alarm clock.

The survey was taken from over 37,000 participants across the U.S. and North America.