Perhaps tired of being left out of the BCS,  tired of second-tier bowl games despite beating top ten teams, Boise State is leaving the Mountain West.

School officials reported today they have accepted an invitation to join the more prestigious Big East conference, football only, beginning in 2013.  While the Big East does not carry the same clout as say, the Southeastern Conference (LSU, Alabama etc), the conference DOES come with an automatic BCS Bowl bid;  such a game gurantees far more exposure, AND money for the schools.  Also, playing the Big East against such teams as Pittsburgh,  South Florida, Syracuse and others will end the arguments that BSU plays a weak schedule other than the two or three tough non-conference foes they face every year.  Boise State has beaten Oklahoma, Georgia, Virginia Tech, and Texas Christian over the last year years; but pollsters point to the weakness of the Mountain West Conference as a drawback to their national title hopes.    Outside of wrestling, which is part of the PAC-12,  the rest of BSU's sports teams will move into the Western Athletic Conference starting in 2013.