School Zone Traffic Cameras Possibly Coming to Spokane
The City Council of Spokane plans to vote next Monday night if they should take the final step, and install radar-triggered traffic cameras in school zones in August.  Could they be headed out way? Currently, the only traffic cams we have are from the WSDOT on the Blue Bridge.
Wildhorse Casino Building Tesla Electric Car Charging Station
Electric cars appeared to be a fad before Elon Musk's Tesla Motors made them reliable and sexy. With 50,000 sold already, Tesla cars are becoming the go-to sports car for hip, tech-savvy drivers. Right now there are no "supercharge" stations between Boise and The Dalles, so Wi…
Gov. Inslee Vetoes Most of 75-MPH Speed Limit Bill – UPDATE
After passing the House and Senate by unanimous votes, Gov. Inslee is expected this week to sign off on a bill that will allow the State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to raise the speed limit on certain stretches of road to 75 mph. (NO NOT 200 - we just did that for fun in picture)

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